A very little things happens today that everybody may encounter and may even not to mention it. My mental ask to find the previous project's source programming, which maybe re-used in our current's project. Accidently, I have no idea where this source I put it. After doze of endeavours, I gave up, and of course felt very dispointed the whole day. I retrospect my this horrible habit, that leave the staged things away. I get the conclusion that I would never re-use or do some back-review work on this done things in mostly situations. And to some exents, except the remain knowledge in my brain, I could hardly adopt any excellent methods or design which is perfectly completed before. In other words, I often tend to reinvent the wheel.

Horrible Habits

Remember that when I was just a little boy, my grandfather often told me that How important to form the habit of arrangement. Arrangement of our daily events and our mind. However this simple but also profound words almost don't have any influence on me. from the kidgardon time to the high school age, all the whole of my life and study is just benifited from brain and not to bad memory. Unfortunately, with the increase of our ages and the extend of our life, the knowledge grow rapidly. The big bang of our knowledge make me unpromising and hopeless to my self. It's a long time before I could came over my un-believable of capability. Until that, I still didn't recongize it is exactly the inadequate methods that prevent me from my ideal success. In one words, I didn't know how to study and work efficiently. I was eager to seek new and curious knowledge and tools, but never come back to think the practical meanings and effect behind it.

Knowledge and Capability Come from Arragement

No one believe that if you own a book, you know all the knowledge and lessons in that book. your knowledge is not decided by how many books you reads, but how much you learn from them. Our brain like all logic and sequece things, it hates unsuitable tedious and dirty. If you put a lot of unrelated or unsorted things in your mind, it will easily got confused and even refuse to work for you. the spirit or nature of arrangement and category is exactly to make logical sort for our brains. Our brain tends to connect the new isolated knowledge node to the exist large net of knowledge. Knowledge is power, of course, knowledge rise capability. An important approach to improve our capability lies in form the habit of make arrangement for our brain.

Some Useful Approach or Tricky Tips

From a perspective of a techniquer, Our whole time commonly is dedicated to three things. Our work, here I refer to the true and real work, which we like it and enjoy the moment of working. Our daily Transaction, people's social property determines that It cannot be avoided to do some daily personnel or social things. The last one is our life which is also the important part besides our work.Tonight, I just discuss the first part, namely arrangement for my work. Every things in our work, we should do some principal or common resolution to simplify our daily life. - Software Exactly, It cannot be avoided that we need do a lot of programming working in our daily project work. Therefore, it is naturally will have a ot of finished or unfinished software, which contain the source code itself, als related documents, material, data sets or other project-related things. - Learning Material Knowledge grows every moment, You will leave the queue if you stop learning. There learning material mainly contain some tool-like material, such as language learning tutorial, some useful utilies or tools in our daily tasks, such as markdown language, LaTex for typesetting, even Vim manuals. - Research For a schalor, or a master student, We should have our own research fields and interst research directions. It distinguish us from the college students or others. For the research parts, we should put attention on the algorithms and it's implementation methods or tools.