Only during the 3 hours experience on MacBook Pro, I find that I could not love it more. Yes, maybe you can say, it's price seems make people daunting. However, if you really give yourself a try, you'll find that, the biggest regret ever is why I haven't migrate to Mac earlier. It will really save my so much time and energy.

Windows or Linux

Perfect position between the simplify and foolish. :). Personally, I think that Windows exactly make people feels himself a foolish and will have no improvment in skills or communications things. And linux is so great, however the biggest problem is that it's not mature in present. I have try my 7 year college life in all kinds of *nix distribution, such as Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, RedHat, Gentoo, FreeBSD, Solaris and etc. And in the end, I really feels that the processes this years are all combined with so much duplications and complcated process, It will kill so much time, and if you are not devote yourself in this great career, It will gain so little, as long as you're lack of keeping this work. Current, I really find the perfect combination of Windows and *nix. And on the day of Nov 11, 2014. China's biggest e-comments glories of the year.

Common Useful ShortKey,Command

os x short key operation: 1. delete a work : Option + delete. 2. copy: Command + c 3. paste: Command + v 4. delete a whole line: Command + delete 5. quickly enter a URL: Command + L 6. switch between the safari tabs: Ctrl + Tab

Basic Tools Installment Basic tools install: brew :

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSl"


curl -L | sh

So long, and really thanks for all the fish!