In the age of open source and could computer, it become very necessary for us to work together ou the cloud with an share projects. Bitbucket provides an possibility for our needs. this article is aim to give an simple introduction about how to share and collaborate on a project. Generally speacking, it mainly contains the following configurationn steps(I'll assume that your os is windows):

Some Basic Configuration Steps

1. Install git for windows. just as the common way of install software on Windows, click all the way. 2. After installing, you need to do a simple configure of git for your name and emails:

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global ""

also you can configure for you favorite editor or diff tools(optional):

git config --global core.editor "vim"

and you can configure your git to display with color:

git config --global color.ui true

3. then, you need configure ssh key for pull and push on the bitbucket repository. here, I already configure it for you, and I will send to you by email, with usage attached. so just skip if you would care the configure details. otherwise, a tutorial here. 4. now, it time to pull the repository down, just copy the following command, and execute it:

git clone

after the pull completement, you will find the directory acl-multiling in your current working directory. That's the repository on the cloud. Notice: you run the git clone command just for the first time you pull a repository. After that, every time you work on the existed repository, the first step is to run the git pull to ensure that your repository is the already up-to-date. 5. you can work on your local repository now, for example do some modify or add a file to the directory, after that you can check what files you have modify or create:

git status

6. then you add the file and commit it:

git add <file you modified>
git commit -m "message you want to say about this commit"

7. you can continue to work on the local repository and do the loop as step 5 and step 6. you can also now push your current commit to bitbucket repository. Also before the push step, you'd better do the pull operation again to ensure the newest status of your local repository. so you should do:

git pull

if there doen't exist some emerge conflict, then:

git push

That's all, it simply contains normal workflow loop. It is strongly recommended to read the great arts Pro Git. Also we can do a simple demonstration together. Any prolem feel free to contact me any time.

Some Conflict Screenshot and Howto Emerge Conflict

  • git push failure push failure
  • git pull to emerge pull emerge
  • content in a conflict file cotent


[1] Generating SSH keys [2] _config.yml