The pain on the installation of FreeBSD system fonts during my college life still exists. It is still impressive that I was totally confused by the all series unttacked of the sytem fonts settings and the Chinese localized. I become suddenly hopeless. However, today, when I come back to re-learning the X window system settings by the Xorg tutorial, It suddenly become clear extremly. I just get the conclusion that systemic learning is thousand more important than the trivel experience, if we only consider the time and efficiency.

the global logic clue in our brain

The comprehensive understanding about somethings come with a global logic clue graphy in our brain. We get clear of the principal and the imporant process or steps to achieve the finally results. In the case of the complex or large system, we cannot grasp the whole, we need the inductive process, and gradually combined all the trivals understands to a whole entires. In most time, We are accustomed to gain our knowledege from the whole to the detail parts, which is called deductive.