I have mentioned a little about the configuration process related to the lightweight Desktop Environment or some kind of full-functional Window Managerment. It's extremely a bit lucky that I could have encountered the Fluxbox. It's almost the same situation as my dating with Sabayon Linux. One day, I suddenly miss the lovely gentoo linux, so I open my google plus homepage, and search gentoo's current release news. It's definately amazing that the second result of the gentoo query term is about a lovely logo, which like some animal's foot surrounded by a circle. After search it in wikipedia, I found that it's the honey sweet foot of gentoo penguin. As for the Fluxbox, you couldn't imagine that it's almost the same situation. Let's start our narrative with the completion of Sabayon linux. I first choice the default Gnome Desktop envrionment, and everythins seems just work properly. However, when I tried to change the backgroud of the desktop theme, I found I cannot open the setting panel with the right click and selection of change desktop background item. After that some other symptoms continues one by one. For instance, There doesn't exist System menu in the Gnome default taskbar panel. and I cannot use the function of user system settings in my account applet. So I decide to remove gnome and start something new, such as KDE or xfce4 etc. But at the same time, I found that it's not an easy thing to remove the gnome environment and install some new desktop environment due to some fuzzy and frustrating depencdency considerations. So I log out the Gnome and back to the GDM login manager to see whether there are some other Sessions for selection. Bla bla bla, Fluxbox has just been waiting for me. Great, It's You.

Configure Fluxbox

The main confiugre file is under the user's Home directory, which is adopted a common configure style .fluxbox/. and it contains all aspect of the fluxbox, from the start application with fluxbox, to the menu item selection, windowmenu, keyboard shortcuts and background of the desktop. I'll list below and give a detailed explanations. . | --