implemented by python to create an integrated search engine module, including crawler, indexing&search, web interface.

Main Three Modular

  • index-creator from database.
  • search modular with Whoosh
  • web interface GUI with template.
  • kylin desktop search application. *Here, we supply the query results sorted function *

Source Directory

|-- ****: creating index from database.
|-- ****: main search api.
|-- web/
|-- | python servlet for
|-- templates/
|-- |--index.html: web interface for user query input.
|-- gui/
|-- | main desktop application.
|-- |data-index/: index data files.
|-- README.txt: same as above.
|-- same as web directory
|-- same as

Congiure & Install

  1. mysql-connector-python-1.0.9-py2.7.msi install
  2. install setuputils through, and then add Script subdirectory in python install to env variables.
  3. install Whoosh 2.4.1 with the easy_install.exe tools
  4. install with easy_install for web front end display.
  5. install xlwt package for write results to excel.